November 19, 2020
Online Event at the Frankfurt School

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   Digital technologies are changing communication behavior and create new interfaces between people and their environment. This is a megatrend of our time. Smarter connectivity is increasingly seen as an opportunity for business and society to create innovative offers that generate new benefits/demand.

The conference SMART & CONNECTED | AI SUMMIT is showcasing how products, services, and infrastructures can be rethought and redesigned with intelligent networking. Based on this, the conference outline the relevant success factors to leverage smart business processes.

More recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the most promising method to enable the automation and optimization of processes of all sorts. The conference offers a comprehensive overview of today’s possibilities and fields of application of AI and machine learning.

This event focuses on the following topics:

  • Business Model Transformation based on Change in Culture and Technology
  • Smart Connectivity Concepts and Internet of Things
  • Smart Technologies for Internal and External Processes
  • Managing Data as a Valuable Resource
  • Digital Infrastructure | Law & Regulation | Security & Compliance
  • Developing AI: Principles, Methods, and Limitations
  • Utilizing AI: Business Strategies and Use Cases

The conference SMART & CONNECTED | AI SUMMIT is embedded in a two-day event and offers you an exciting inspiration platform.

We look forward to new insights and exciting talks.

Meryem Tas
Head of New Business
Frankfurt School Verlag

Ulrich Martin
Head of Conferences and Marketing
Frankfurt School Verlag

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Agenda of the Conference

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In cooperation with
18. Nov 2020
Frankfurt am Main
Past Conference 2019
FS degree course
Master in Applied Data Science

Main cooperation partner of this conference is the AI ​​Initiative of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The AI ​​Initiative’s activities include the AI ​​Lab as an innovation hub for internal and external AI projects, the scientific research center HMI (Center for Human and Machine Intelligence), and degree programs such as the Master in Applied Data Science. Further information:

„The basic idea of any laboratory is to question the status quo and push knowledge forward, for which a high degree of flexibility is crucial. With the FS AI Lab, we have pushed barriers and created an incredibly versatile canvas to accommodate any kind of research around AI.“

Moderator of the conference:
Vahe Andonians, Serial Entrepreneur und Senior Lecturer & AI Lab Knowledge Lead at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Our Speakers at this year’s conference:

Prof. Dr. Florian Ellsäßer
Dr. Werner Jackstädt Assistant Professor of International Entrepreneurship,
Frankfurt School of
Finance & Management

Boris Fiedler,
Global Digital Leader BU Robotics, ABB

Dr. Katrin Friese,
Vice President Global Process Catalysis Research & Development, BASF SE

Heiko Geng,
Head Of Product Management and Business Development digital Business, Festo SE & Co. KG

Norma Hoeft,
Head of IoT, German Bionic

Gerhard Kreß,
Vice President Data Services, Siemens AG

Thomas Krug,
Manager Data Management and Analytics, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH

Dr. Liliana Parra Rapado,
Principal Scientist, Biology Screening Herbicides, BASF SE

Dr. Dirk Slama,
Vice President Co-innovation & IoT Alliances, Robert Bosch GmbH | Director Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut Co-innovation Hub

Impressions from the Online Event SMART & CONNECTED | AI-SUMMIT 2020