„When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, all eyes turn to Silicon Valley, but many innovations came and come from Germany. Germany deliberately handles risks and opportunities. That's a strength. That’s trust building – especially if it comes to AI. There are four elements that drive the value: We have computational power, algorithms, avalanches of data, but most importantly, we need people. We need people who can translate business problems into problems in data science and understand the fundamentals of AI. That is why Frankfurt School and Innoplexus partnered to organize the AI Summit which can play a significant role in building that capability.”

Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj Founder and CEO Innoplexus AG

"If we want to continue to create jobs, if we want to continue to be a vibrant business community, I think there is no choise but embracing the opportunities that machine learning and AI creates."

Professor Dr. Nils Stieglitz President and Managing Director Frankfurt School

This AI Summit will connect you with the present and the future of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere, at home, on our phones. It has been implemented across all industries and business functions creating unprecedented efficiencies in human productivity and real value in business. But we will see a Third Wave of AI and that is game changing because it has the potential to automate almost any repetitive manual task. It can learn from, explain complex statistical patterns and can teach humans what it learns.

A confluence of developments is driving the new wave of AI. Computer power is growing, algorithms and AI models are becoming more sophisticated, and, perhaps most important of all, the world is generating once-unimaginable volumes of the fuel that powers AI-data. Billions of gigabytes every day, collected by networked devices ranging from web browsers to turbine sensors.

How does AI effect companies and what returns can they expected from AI investments?

What is the impact of AI enabling automation on the workplace, employment and society?

What future skill-sets are required?

What is the future of AI – deep, dense, diverse?



Get strategic insights, inspirational and maybe critical views on AI from industries, science and regulators. From innovation to ethics - we will cover the complete story around AI. Get food for thought for your business.



The diverse, international speaker line-up promises lively panel discussion and gives different views on the potential and risk of AI. Get answers to your questions.



How can AI deliver real value to your business? What hurdles are to take? Discuss with business experts and entrepreneurs what solutions they found and where they struggled.



We want to see and hear you. The event is for networking. Meet tech experts, thought leaders, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs and talented students. If you like: send us a question with your registration. We try to cover it on our journey

Vahe Adonians
Entrepreneur, Senior Lecturer
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH
Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj
Founder and CEO
Innoplexus AG
Maryam Danesh-Kajouri
Global Head of Product Marketing
Dr. Alexander Del Toro Barba
Head of Product & Research, Assistant Professor of Machine Learning
VisualVest GmbH
Benjamin Diemann
Senior Consultant
Deloitte Consulting GmbH
Peter Feldmann
Lord Mayor
of the City of Frankfurt am Main
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia
Founder and General Partner
at Columbus Venture Partners
Dr. Katharina Gruner
Head R&D Innovation & Transformation-External Innovation Merck Group
Andreas Horchler
Director of Communication,
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH
Tina Lupberger
Regional VP Oncology International Developed Markets
Pfizer Inc
Prof. Dr. Jochen Maas
General Manager R&D Germany
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
Silke Otte
Chief Marketing Officer,
Innoplexus AG
Dr. Friedrich Rippmann
Director of Computational Chemistry & Biology
Merck KGaA
Brett Stapper
Founder and CEO
Front Lines Media
Prof. Dr. Nils Stieglitz
President, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH
Dr. Kerem Tomak
Divisional Head Big Data & Advanced Analytics (BDAA)
Commerzbank AG
Gaurav Tripathi
Co-Founder and CTO
Innoplexus AG
Prof. Dr. Gregory Wheeler
Professor of Theoretical Philosophy and Computer Science
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH
Dr. Michael Zimmer
Senior Manager Analytics & Information Manager
Deloitte Consulting GmbH

Further announcements will follow



Starting from  08:30 AM

Welcome Coffee

Starting from  09:00 AM

Opening Keynote

Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main

Starting from  09:30 AM

Prof. Dr. Nils Stieglitz, President, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Starting from  10:00 AM

Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj, CEO, Innoplexus AG

„The Third wave of AI“

Starting from  10:30 AM

Dr. Kerem Tomak, EVP Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Commerzbank AG

Starting from  11:00 AM

Prof. Dr. Jochen Maas, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

„Solutions instead of Drugs - the new approach in Pharmaceutical Industry“

Starting from  11:30 AM

Podium Discussion:

with Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj, Dr. Kerem Tomak, Prof. Dr. Jochen Maas

moderated by Brett Stapper, Frontlines Media


Starting from  12:00 PM

Gaurav Tripathi, CTO, Innoplexus AG

“How to build the foundation for AI you need?”

Starting from  12:30 PM

Lunch Break

+ Networking



Artificial intelligence is a moving target. This AI Summit is an excellent opportunity to take better aim and learn what AI and can’t (yet) do for your business. It is also a unique, international platform for sharing experience and discussing methods with AI experts, scientists and talented students. Join us in Frankfurt in June 18th, 2018!

Students 49 €
incl. fee and VAT

Professionals 428 €
incl. fee and VAT